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Case studies

Paramedics in Sweden make critical difference, using TOUGHBOOK

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Sektör: Europe, Public Sector & Institutions, Emergency Services
When every mission has the potential to mean life or death, you need tech that won’t let you down.
Cradlepoint and Panasonic solution in 66 fleet vehicles enables Norfolk Fire & Rescue to send and receive critical information, to stay agile, via 4G LTE
KIBAG, a Swiss civil engineering company, is taking the last step towards a paperless construction site with the digital site office. All workers and contractors can view the fully digitized construction plans there and edit them directly. For work on the construction site, the foreman has a TOUGHBOOK G2 at his disposal, which shortens execution times and minimizes construction errors.

Guideline Geo pair their products with TOUGHBOOK A3 for use in in challenging environments

Guideline Geo Malå is the world’s premier provider of ground penetration radar (GPR) solutions, enabling professionals to create, analyze and transform vast amounts of complex data into easily understandable representations of the subsurface. This video shows how they benefit from the unique properties of TOUGHBOOK tablets even in demanding environments and weather.
Dayanıklı yapısı sayesinde arama ve kurtarma operasyonlarının yapıldığı en zorlu koşullara dayanabilen TOUGHBOOK 20, AKUT'un güvenilir ekip arkadaşı oldu. MIL-STD-810G ve IP65 sertifikası, çalışırken değiştirilebilen bataryası, 17 saatlik kullanım imkanıyla AKUT’un operasyonları artık daha şeffaf ve kolay bir şekilde gerçekleşiyor.